Working with Nicole, I felt safe and understood. She listened to me and really heard what I was saying without judgement. Because of working with Nicole and the skills she taught me, I have been able to continue to grow both individually and professionally. I would highly recommend her for any sort of personal, professional or group work. She has a unique ability to assist in identifying core issues, thoughts and/or behaviors that play a part in holding individuals back from self-actualization. Some specific benefits I received working with Nicole are below. -Cut back on my Bar Method hours by at least 25% to free up time to work on my independent businesses. - Increase my income with my independent businesses by 50+%. - I was able to take 2 unpaid vacations because the income from my businesses supported me. In the past when I didn’t teach at Bar Method I didn’t earn money which made vacations difficult. - I have begun making personal and professional commitments like I have never done before. - I use the skills I learned from you daily to help me reframe my thinking and/or connect with people in a more desirable way. 

- Jennifer Gallager